The Warrior’s Path (Tales of Gorania #1)

Expected release: October 2018

Blood was his sin. Now blood is his redemption.

The first installment of the Tales of Gorania series follows the journey of Masolon, the warrior from the mysterious lands beyond the Great Desert, the outcast who refuses to be the warring monster his clan needs and instead he becomes a kinslayer, the sinner who forges his path of salvation in the broken empire of Gorania with the help of his most–and probably–his only trustworthy friends: his sword and his horse.

As he wanders the kingdoms sprawling over the sun-blazed south and the snow-frosted north, Masolon builds his army to enforce his own notion of justice. His war provokes the ruthless lords of the warring realms, and the merciless outlaws who invest every corner in Gorania–a war he might survive with his body, but not with his mind.

Now enemies and false friends close in from all sides. And Masolon, shrouded in his own cocoon of guilt, meets one fiery girl who could help him find peace for his restless heart. Or maybe peace is just a delusion, and his path of redemption is nothing but a lie.

Queen of Rebels ( Tales of Gorania #2 )

Expected release: December 2018

No one thought of the gorgeous Rona as a threat, but she proved them all wrong. Now she wages war against King Wilander to avenge her assassinated father and claim her right as the true heiress of the Bermanian throne.

On the other hand, Masolon, who is seeking peace in his exile, is unwillingly stuck in the middle of the war between Rona and Wilander. Soon, he has to decide whether Rona is a foe he should defeat, or an ally he should fight alongside…or even more than just an ally.

Clash of Kingdoms (Tales of Gorania #3)
Expected publication: January 2019

While Masolon starts his reign with a rebellion that tears his kingdom into two factions, he has to stand against Goranian realms that have united for their first time ever, only to oust him from the Bermanian throne. The warrior, who has abandoned his path for the sake of love, is facing his hardest times ever; when brothers turn into rivals, and lovers become strangers.

Expected publication: TBD


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