Black Friday Sale!

Attention, everyone! The Warrior’s Path is on sale for a limited time! For only $0.99 instead of $3.99, you can start your journey with Masolon into the fabled lands of Gorania. Get ready to survive the wrath of lords, the savagery of outlaws. . . and the charm of noble ladies! What do they say about The Warrior’s Path on Goodreads? Check the reviews here. Still on this … Continue reading Black Friday Sale!

The Warrior’s Path in the Goodreads Choice Awards!

It’s true we are not on the official nominees’ list, BUT according to the awards guidelines, the top 5 write-in nominees in each category will qualify to the semi-final round! Would you like to boost The Warrior’s Path chances? Let me show you how. First go to the page of the best Debut Goodreads Author, the category I’m competing in. Please make sure you’ve signed … Continue reading The Warrior’s Path in the Goodreads Choice Awards!

The Warrior’s Path: Cover and Blurb revealed!

It’s official now: The Warrior’s Path is coming on October 17! To pre-order now from Amazon, tab HERE. The amazing cover, designed by Deranged Doctor Design, is revealed today. Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen. Behold. . . The mighty Masolon! Blood was his sin. Now blood is his redemption. A true warrior never stains his hands with the blood of an innocent. Forced to slay his … Continue reading The Warrior’s Path: Cover and Blurb revealed!

Build my World, Please?

What you are about to read is not the ultimate guide for world building. It’s neither ultimate nor even a guide. It’s just a collection of random thoughts that crossed my mind about this topic, based on my personal experience. That’s why you will find me referring to my work to demonstrate practical examples. So, how do you do world building? You draw a map … Continue reading Build my World, Please?

Book Four? Or a Fourth Book?

Good news! Masolon is having a fourth book, and it is going to be posted on Wattpad soon! As I know you can’t wait to resume Masolon’s journey in Gorania, I hope the following doesn’t disappoint you: the coming book is not book four in the series; it is going to be a prequel for The Warrior’s Path. What? How dare you, Karim? We want to know what is going to … Continue reading Book Four? Or a Fourth Book?