Queen of Rebels

Expected release: 18 October 2018. Preorder your copy here.


One girl loses her family. A whole kingdom is going to pay.

A horrendous civil war is devastating the mighty Bermanian realm, and all to blame is Rona, the furious girl who is determined not only to claim her late father’s throne, but also avenge her assassinated royal family. The bloodshed will never stop until she wears the six-gemmed crown and executes every murderer has orphaned her.

Now retired from serving lords and merchants, Masolon seeks a new start in his peaceful exile. But a murdered girl from his village wakes up his dormant demon, provoking him to defy the queen of rebels and her titanic army with a bunch of gullible peasants. In a battle impossible for him to win, death could be a way out. But it might unleash what the ancient Tales have been warning from since the beginning of time.